Associate skills

Often complex projects end up needing additional support and HH Ltd can call upon many skills dependent upon the nature of the commission. In our previous roles for example we have undertaken team building exercises using our links to an HR firm when supporting a client with a staffing change programme.
A number of our projects involve advising on complex museum capital projects and being able to call upon architects or business and financial planning specialists makes invaluable sense for the client.

Although the projects which HH Ltd undertakes are always primarily concerned with museum and heritage organisations we always view them as both businesses as well as museums and this ‘inside’ knowledge, combined with our access to such a wide range of business skills makes our offer unique.

Some of our 'collaborative partners':
  • Shorthose Russell Ltd – Marketing, PR, Design and Social Media
  • Welton House Limited - Business and Financial Planning; Property
  • Blue Star Human Resources Ltd - HR
  • Ashton KCJ - Legal
  • Whiting and Partners – Accountancy
  • Architects
  • Curatorial, Learning and Traditional Skills Specialists
  • Vanessa Trevelyan - Museum Consultant and Adviser